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Ah, yes, making fun of teenage drivers and their abilities behind the wheel. Henry was in a car that was T-boned by another car at an intersection in Miami-Dade County, Florida. After the accident, he hired a Miami car accident lawyer . See a case where a passenger was rear ended by an uninsured driver.

  • If ID is not presented, a voter is given a provisional ballot.
  • This is where your understanding of road rules, vehicle control and defensive driving techniques come into play!
  • It does not detect and provide an alert in every situation.

You should only apply for a New York State driver license if you become a resident of New York State. This varies greatly, but many countries allow for visitors to use their native licenses in other nations. The United States, for example, has signed an international agreement that permits travelers to use their domestic licenses in other countries. Before you travel, contact a country’s consulate or embassy to find out whether your license will be accepted. A good list of contact information can be found at the State Department’s website. Forty-eight states are part of either the “Driver’s License Compact” or the “Non-Resident Violator Compact”, which allows DMVs in one state to send information to your DMV.

There will be a point at which you can no longer see the vehicle in your rear-view mirror, but you also cannot see it in your side-view mirrors. Treating truck drivers with consideration and allowing them extra space to maneuver can save lives. Always be cautious when traveling near a truck, and be prepared to get out of the way if they make an unexpected move. Avoiding blind spots is one simple habit that can protect you and your passengers. Lane-changes – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells us that 18 percent of the automobile collisions that occur on our roadways take place during lane changes.

Point Removal For Safe Driving

You may be able to recover compensation that could cover injuries resulting from the accident and medical bills, lost wages, and more. Discuss your legal options and potential for financial recovery with Woodland Hills auto accident lawyer Barry P. Goldberg today. A driver may also wish to identify when other drivers have trouble with their blind spots. This occurs when one driver is simply driving along at a constant speed just behind and to the left or right of another driver. This first driver would be wise to consider accelerating out of the blind spot in a safe and efficient manner. In another example, when driving next to a truck, a good rule of thumb is to keep an eye out for the truck’s mirrors.

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If someone is sued, liability insurance will also cover court costs and defense. Here’s what drivers need to know about this particular type of auto insurance. This level of coverage is often required if you are leasing or financing a vehicle. And will pay out if your car hits another car or object and you need to repair or replace your car. Am I prepared to take full responsibility for actions of the friend or relative and am I prepared to pay for any unsatisfied judgment not covered by my insurance?

Please consult with your insurance agent/broker or insurance company to determine specific coverage needs as this information is intended to be educational in nature. Auto insurers typically require you to meet certain requirements to be eligible for DOC insurance. For instance, your commercial auto policy needs to list your car with a personal or non-business use. If you caused an accident and were cited for DUI then you can expect that your insurance provider will either cancel your policy as soon as it can, or severely increase your premiums if it still provides you coverage. Any vehicle named in the liability coverage declaration is covered. An accident in a vehicle not named in the declaration is ­covered only if a named insured was driving.

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